Music and a big jib

This clip is from Keith Urban’s Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour, produced by Blake Morrison for Bennet Productions.  Shots from 2 performances in Atlanta and one in Lexington, Kentucky were used here.

SEC Network Open

Here’s the first video ever aired on the SEC Net.  John’s part is from :10 – :48.  

Produced by Barry Dycus, Peachtree Films, for ESPN.

Corporate show open

30 foot jib with SD TV camera.  Production People, Inc. for 5Linx:  Andrew MacDonald and Bobby Eller manage this production with this day’s design by Geoffry Platt.  This show travels North America.


European dance culture finds a permanent home in pastoral west Georgia.  Chris McKinley and John Kelly operated two big jibs for a superfly Dutch and Flemish production team that made the most of this unmatched show production..  Come and visit next September in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga.  The staging is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Lots of big jib shots in this session by Hardwell.  That’s the bro’s name…

Faith.  Music.  Jib.

We shot this for Billy Graham ministries a few year ago in Charlotte.  The performance is by Avalon.




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