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Movies. Live NCAA football. EDM. Indian weddings. Railroad industrials. Disney Features. Nashville tours. Dirty South. Game Shows. Horse racing. Unscripted. Tyler Perry Studios. Olympics X 5.

John Kelly has been around since before BetaCam. He and his henchmen have extensive experience in live events, sports, movies, reality, convention and church productions. Each event is different, and there’s rarely time to learn on the job. We’ll treat your shoot like it was our own.

Have you met Chris McKinley? Most people like him better than John.

Posted on: 05 Apr 2014
Posted by: John
Motor Eyes Images
  • Where’s my AF200?
  • Thanks For Your Eyeballs
  • Whoa, it’s Busy Down South
  • Jib Zoom & Focus Control
  • CamMate Jibs
  • Performance…
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