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Jib Accessories

When a basic jib won’t do the trick, gimmicks like a 360-degree Dutch head or dolly track and wheels, the BarTech focus device, or a motorized base might be what you’re looking for.  You can save a few bucks on a Fuji 4.5x13mm BERM from Motor Eyes.

For lens control info, go here.

Posted on: 05 Apr 2014
Posted by: John
Jib Zoom & Focus Control

Great new cameras appear every season in all shapes and sizes. Big cameras like Alexa or the Sony F55 or small ones like the GH4 or the BlackMagic cameras will present different challenges for us to remote control focus & zoom, to monitor, balance and start / stop. Let us know what you want to shoot with and your jib will control the lens.

Remember, CamMate and Stanton jibs will always control Z, F, I on B4-type TV cams.

Posted on: 05 Apr 2014
Posted by: John
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