I’m John Kelly, and I operate Motor Eyes, Inc. from my shop in East side Atlanta. During the 15 years I’ve been a full-time jibster, I’ve drawn on my experience as a camera grip on movies and TV to operate booms safely, predictably and with the highest expectations.

Home is in downtown Atlanta with my beautiful wife, Lauren and two wild & wonderful young adult daughters.

The Machines

We use Travel Series and Model 2000 CamMate jibs, reaching from 4’ to 46’.  Large 4 wheeled dollies and smaller 3-wheeled tripods are available, all 100% professional grade.   Dutch heads.  Wireless focus. We expect to control pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris & turnover.

Also:  lighting kit, or grip stuff like car rigs and pipe dollies and lenses.

Motor Eyes Images
  • Where’s my AF200?
  • Thanks For Your Eyeballs
  • Whoa, it’s Busy Down South
  • Jib Zoom & Focus Control
  • CamMate Jibs
  • Performance…
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