Where’s my AF200?
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We AF 100 owners had become resigned to be being orphaned by Panasonic when they failed to upgrade our micro 4/3″ video camera in 2014.  Oh well, it’s still a nice, affordable unit with audio inputs, an OK LCD a filter wheel and exposure & focus assistance, we’ll just use it until it breaks, or becomes truly obsolete.

But some nice native lenses became available in that format, and event shooters got lots of use out of the AF 100 by adapting fast B4 zooms, and the AVC-HD codec proved useful enough.

Whoa, it’s Busy Down South

Atlanta is a great place to shoot. We have tons of equipment, more studios by the day, and great crews who help one another to make your project their own. We got a second person plural pronoun and a kick-ass airport. And exposed granite bigger than Gibralter. Beautiful women and barbecue.

That said, give us a little NOTICE! We happy to send you a quote, and can usually to it the same day.

Jib Zoom & Focus Control

Great new cameras appear every season in all shapes and sizes. Big cameras like Alexa or the Sony F55 or small ones like the GH4 or the BlackMagic cameras will present different challenges for us to remote control focus & zoom, to monitor, balance and start / stop. Let us know what you want to shoot with and your jib will control the lens.

Remember, CamMate and Stanton jibs will always control Z, F, I on B4-type TV cams.

CamMate Jibs

We use CamMate jibs in various configurations, large and small. These American made machines control pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris on most cameras, often using specialized baseplates and lens control stuff. They reach 4 feet at a minimum or 46 feet max. Normal sizes are 12 – 33 feet reaching, and can ride on a variety of dollies and tripods.
ALL accessories are available.


Movies. Live NCAA football. EDM. Indian weddings. Railroad industrials. Disney Features. Nashville tours. Dirty South. Game Shows. Horse racing. Unscripted. Tyler Perry Studios. Olympics X 5.

John Kelly has been around since before BetaCam. He and his henchmen have extensive experience in live events, sports, movies, reality, convention and church productions. Each event is different, and there’s rarely time to learn on the job. We’ll treat your shoot like it was our own.

Have you met Chris McKinley? Most people like him better than John.

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